Amazing Animal Alliteration

Benfield Year 2 used alliteration to create amazing performing animal acts!

Based on some of the events in Genie & Teeny Make a Wish, Steven Lenton suggested that Benfield Year 2 might like to imagine what type of performing dog or animal they would enter a competition with, and they could draw or write about their ideas.

Benfield Year 2 said:

We loved seeing how you used alliteration in your writing when describing the dog acts. We’ve explored this in our literacy lessons. We had a go at creating our own acts for a show and some of us tried to use alliteration. We had lots of giggles making these up. We hope you enjoy them.

Just look at these gorgeous illustrations! the Adopt An Author team will definitely be first in line to get tickets to see the famous talented hamsters, the performing pepperoni pizzas and the acting apes!

The famous talented hamsters!
The Acting Apes!
The Prancing Poodles!
The Famous Tapping Turtle and the Famous Pepperoni Pizzas!

Steven said:

These are incredible! The pizzas really made me chuckle – so inventive, and has given me some ideas!  Definitely some future authors and illustrators in Year 2!

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