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Saying hello to Carden Primary

On Monday, we went to visit Carden Primary during their Adopt an Author session in the afternoon. Being inspired by Marcia’s book ‘Les Miserables’, the girls were writing about the differences between poverty in post revolutionary France and modern day England. It is a tough one, but the girls wrote some fantastic sentences and seemed to be working really hard to create a well written piece of work.

Here are some photos to show off the session!


Marcia received some of the finished pieces and they are so well written, really insightful and well planned. Here are just a few that we enjoyed reading…

And Marcia is so thrilled to have read them!

Dear Girls,

     I have just been reading your work on comparing life in 19th century France with life in England today.  I found them really interesting and informative. Thank you so much for writing them!  I felt that many of you had really been touched by the plight of the characters in Victor Hugo’s book and had felt emotionally involved with their plight.
    I wondered if you found the illustrations helped you to empathise with the characters?
    I also wondered which of the characters you liked best?
   Those of you who have read Oliver Twist, or watched the film, will know that the English author, Charles Dickens, also wrote about poverty before England had a welfare state.  We are, as you all said, very lucky now and it is good to have a wonderful author like Victor Hugo documenting life in his time, as it does remind us to be grateful!  Or, as Nina said, reminds us not to return to19th Century France in a time machine!
   One of you mentioned in your writing that you have now finished reading the book – well done all of you!
   What did you think of the ending?  It made me cry!  I wonder if you noticed the picture above the fireplace in the last picture?  Had you seen it somewhere else in the book?
All the best and really well done!  I am so looking forward to your next project and to starting a new book with you,
Onto the next book, ‘Lizzy Bennet’s Diary‘ !

We hiked all the way up to Woodingdean to say HI!

Woodingdean Primary school very kindly invited us to sit in their classroom and listen to them read their author’s book ‘Julius Zebra: Rumble with the Romans!’, so we packed our bags and hiked up the giant hill in Brighton and see them, we took some pics of them too!

They look so engrossed! Some of the class read out loud and you should have heard the accents! They brought Julius to life!

Thankyou for the invite Woodingdean, I am sure we will meet again, keep reading!

We’re talking about Peer Pressure, are you?

Patcham Juniors have been discussing a pretty important topic this week. They have been talking about peer pressure. Peer pressure is influence on a peer group, observers, or an individual that encourages others to change their way of thinking, their values, or behaviours to follow or copy those of the influencing group or individual. Sometimes, this means a peer group might want you to do or say something that you feel uncomfortable doing and it makes you think what is the right thing to do. Have you ever encountered this problem?

Class 3NS found a really good way of approaching the subject, by making use of all the nice weather (not today mind!) by doing a drama class outside and using role play to see what they would do! How cool is that?!

A visit to Patcham Juniors…

Patcham Juniors very kindly invited us to sit and listen to them read and today, we went travelled to their school to visit the class and to take a few pictures for you to see too. They were very well behaved and so welcoming too! I liked that the reading corner had soft squidgy cushions to sit on and quietly read ‘Hero’ and how some of the class were actively showing us all what the word ‘paced’ meant. I think there might be some actors in the class!

Best of all, was seeing some of you make the most of the glorious, warm sunshine and read a chapter outside! We were so jealous, we had to join in too.

So thankyou Patcham Juniors and we will see you again very soon!