Monthly Archives: February 2017

Hello 2017 Adopt an Author!

DRUM ROLL PLEEEEEEEASE!! We are thrilled to announce 2017’s amazing authors and the curious classes who will be adopting them for 8 weeks in our wonderful Adopt An Author project!

We are delighted to invite back the marvellous Ross Montgomery and Rob Lloyd Jones with their fantastic tales Perijee and Me and Wild Boy and are so excited to introduce the terrific Ali Sparks and Guy Bass with their fabulous books, Dark Summer and Stitch Head to the fold.

Primary classes from Carden, St Luke’s, Mile Oak and Goldstone will be corresponding with their paired writers, sharing thoughts on the book and making intriguing discoveries about the creative process. Pupils will be posing questions to the authors such as – ‘what encouraged you to be a writer?’ and ‘if you were stranded on a desert island and only had two historical people for company who would you choose and why?*’ – I bet that one’s got you thinking!

Adopt an Author is a really special programme promoting literacy and encouraging creative writing and illustrating. Running for 15 years by us as a Brighton Festival project, the feedback we’ve received from students, schools and parents has been incredible and inspiring.

Please check back for updates on what is going to be a very exciting Adopt An Author 2017!

*for the record – Joan of Arc and William Shakespeare (Marina)