Adopt an Author is a Brighton Festival initiative that began in 2003 and is designed to develop relationships between classes of students and children’s authors with the aim to promote literacy, encourage writing and push innovative uses of IT in schools. Adopt an Author is produced and delivered by Collected Works CIC.

How does it work?

Four participating classes from different local schools are paired up with an author and sent copies of one of their author’s books. In February they begin reading the book in class and emailing their author once a week for 8 weeks. During this time the author may set small related activities for the class and the class can ask questions of the author and share samples of their own work. The project culminates in May with a ‘Meet Your Author’ party where the author will plan a session full of fun activities for their adoptive class!

About this Blog

This blog provides a space to display some of our favourite correspondence from this year’s project. Some names have been removed from the email examples for the purposes of data protection.

Our Sponsors

Adopt an Author is kindly supported by GM Building, The Ernest Cook Trust, The Lynn Foundation and Mrs A Lacy Tate Trust.

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