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Ta ta for now!

We’ve had a blast reading all the fabulous emails flying back and forth between our authors and classes over the last 8 weeks and we hope you’ve enjoyed reading all the best bits here! Our flickr page is now bursting at the seams with snaps from the AAA parties – take a look!

If you want more information about the Adopt an Author scheme or your school would like to take part next year then visit the Brighton Festival website or email




Adopt An Author – on Flickr

Here at Collected Works we’re getting ready for our next AAA party this Wednesday when we’ll be meeting Rob Lloyd Jones and children from Somerhill Juniors. You can see all the snaps from last week’s event with Nicola and Rudyard Kipling School’s year 4 on our Flickr page…


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The parties begin today! #adoptanauthor

Today Rudyard Kipling School’s Year 4 classes will meet Nicola Davies for the first time, having emailed her for the last 2 months while reading ‘Manatee Baby’. Here’s a peek at their latest email to her…


Wow, firstly we would like to thank you for tweeting our posters! We cannot believe you have posted our posters to Columbia, what an honour for the people who work the river to see our posters!
​We have finished reading manatee baby and it was brilliant! Our favourite part was when Manuela rescued the adorable manatee baby! The people who are writing this are Hallie, Kane and Raph.

We are looking forward to reading the Lion who stole my arm, because the front cover has drawn us in, also after reading the blurb we are very excited!

We cant wait to see you in person on the 22nd of May! We will be getting the bus over to you and we are so excited.

We have been doing some sketches of Manatees in our Art lessons. Would you like to see them?

Our new literacy topic focuses on Stories from other cultures, traditional ones which have been handed down by village elders all by voice never written down. Do you know any you could send us? Maybe you found some on your travels?

Could you give us some advice when writing stories from other cultures, Manatee baby is helping us as this was set in the Amazon!

Year 4

AAA team visit Somerhill


Vicky here from the Adopt an Author team. Last week I had the privilege of meeting the fabulous Year 5 reading group at Somerhill Juniors during their session with Mrs Longton-Howorth while they read from Rob Lloyd-Jones’ Wild Boy. I think it’s safe to say that all of these enthusiastic young readers LOVE the book and are now huge fans of Rob’s.  The session began with the class following the text while the teacher read aloud. The class then read their email comments from Rob (who has been giving every child in the class feedback each week!) which they stick into their exercise books so that they can see it while they’re working on the next task. For the last 8 weeks Rob has been guiding them through the process of creating their own characters and then creating a story for them and when I visited they were working on a plan for their story ending. Mrs Longton-Howorth told me that they never let her get away with finishing the class without reading another chapter of the book so we got to read a bit more before it was time to go. I managed to get a quick interview with two of the pupils taking part in the project which I’ve uploaded here for your listening delight! Apologies for the windy playground sounds, we braved the elements outside so we wouldn’t disturb the rest of the class’s writing!


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