Mysterious Maps

A couple of weeks ago, Vashti Hardy wrote to Year 4 at St John’s to set them a task to create maps of their own fantasy lands:

Dear Year 4,
Hello! I hope you’re all having a fabulous week so far. As you’ll know, Grace Griffin lives in a place called Moreland which has lots of curious towns and places to explore. This week, you’re going to have fun creating your very own fantasy lands! This is your chance to include all the things that you might love and to make anything possible, so have lots of fun with your ideas. Remember to draw in a few mysterious or dangerous obstacles which might cause the wardens of your world a few problems, and think about the type of portals you’d like to create. Perhaps you are going to use gates and the old fashioned telephone boxes, like the Griffins, or perhaps you might use something else… Maybe there are different object that could work too, like a bench with a keypad where people can call for help, or perhaps there are teleporting stations, or maybe bells on posts which people ring for help. I’m sure you’ll have your own marvellous ideas! I can’t wait to see what you come up with. Have a lovely week and happy reading adventures! Vashti

Year 4 replied and shared some of their maps:

Vashti, we are loving reading Griffin Gate and always beg Mrs Carden to read the next chapter! This week we completed the task you sent of making maps for our own world and had a go at writing a little part of a story about what happened when our beacon went off and our character had to teleport to a place on our map. We have attached a few of our maps to show you. Speak to you soon, love Year 4 xx

Well done Year 4, we love how your maps are all so different!

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