It’s a family affair

St Nicolas Year 3 are loving reading Bad Nana and are full of brilliant questions about the book and the characters – here’s a challenge from Sophy that resulted in some fabulous drawings, along with some of the pupils questions that inspired it.

Sophy said: Here’s a challenge Inspired by your questions (below), maybe you could draw Bad Nana’s family portrait, but when Bad Nana was your age. You can have her mum as I have described her, or not…does she have any brothers or sisters? Grandparents? Pets???? Or and what where they wearing? There are no right or wrong answers here, but you MUST have fun!!!!!

Bad Nana’s Family Portraits by St Nicolas Year 3

Sophy said: WOWSERS!!! What brilliant family portraits, so many excellent details, outfits, glasses, masks, pets and MUSCLES!!!! I love them and I really hope you enjoyed drawing them.

And here are the questions from Year 3 that inspired the challenge:

St Nicolas Year 3: What were Bad Nana’s parents were like?

Sophy: Well, do you know I started writing a story about Bad Nana when she was a little girl and in my story her mum was a single mum. I didn’t get around to writing about her dad so I haven’t imagined what he is like yet. When Bad Nana would have been your age it would have been about 1960 and there were lots of changes happening at that time, feminism, the civil rights movement, lots of people questioning lots of things and I like to think Bad Nana’s mum would have been among them! A strong, independent, modern thinker. And that’s why Bad Nana isn’t afraid to stand up to bossy boots and bullies and is happy being absolutely herself and not what people might expect from an older woman.

St Nicolas Year 3: Why does Bad Nana’s cat always have the same expression?

Sophy: Liberace is based on my cat Rolo, who was the most lovely, cuddly big old ginger tom, but his face was always the same…he always looked a little bit cross but also slightly surprised. So, I thought I would do the same for Liberace…and it made me giggle.

St Nicolas Year 3: Why doesn’t the main character Jeanie like her brother?

Sophy: Well, I think she does quite like him, secretly, but I Jack is quite a cheeky little brother so perhaps winds Jeanie up a bit (ANNOYING). That’s why she says what she does about him at the beginning of the book.

Such great work and brilliant questions – we can’t wait for the next instalment!

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