Imagining Bad Nana’s younger days

Sophy Henn set St Nicolas Year 3 a task to have a think about what Bad Nana might’ve been like in her younger days – here’s a look at the task she set and the fabulous work from Year 3 in response:

Sophy’s Task: Have a think about what Bad Nana did when she was younger. Sometimes when we see old people we just think them as being old forever. We forget they were young once – and so they will have done lots and lots of things. There are a lot of theories about what Bad Nana has got up to and I think she actually did many different things. If you have think about her personality, that might give you some clues and ideas…Maybe you could even draw a picture of her when she was younger doing what you think she did! Or maybe when she was at school, what was her hair like then? The same or different? And remember there is no wrong or right answer, Bad Nana can be rather mysterious so no one truly knows!

Sophy said: ‘These are AMAAAAAAZING! I love them so much, full of character, detail and personality. Just wonderful.’

We have to agree – what brilliant drawings and great imagination Year 3! So great to see your work, and we look forward to seeing what you get up to next!

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