Vashti Hardy’s letter to St John the Baptist Year 4

Year 4 at St John the Baptist with their copies of The Griffin Gate

Year 4 at St John the Baptist are reading Vashti Hardy’s fantasy adventure, The Griffin Gate and so far they’ve been sharing videos and letters with Vashti. Here’s the first letter their received from Vashti – what a lucky lot they are to get such interesting mail!

Dear Year 4,

I’m so excited to be your adopted author for the coming weeks and that you will be reading THE GRIFFIN GATE! I love books, reading, science, inventions, adventure, curious animals, and making up story worlds, and I’m looking forward to finding out about some of the things you all love too.

I’ve recorded a short video for your teacher to play you in order to introduce myself and to let you know a bit about what you can expect from the story (without any spoilers, of course!).

I’ve also set you a little task for the week which I hope you enjoy. It’s to predict what you think Grace might find when she teleports into the village… You can use the cover for inspiration and also your own imaginations.

I can’t wait to find out what your ideas might be.

Let me know if you have any questions and I hope you enjoy the start of the story. Maybe you could let me know some of your favourite books too. Perhaps, like me, you’ve read a story like Rebecca’s World that made you fall in love with books?

I’ll be in contact again next week, but until then, you’re all hired to become wardens of the map. Are you up for the challenge?

Happy reading! 

Vashti Hardy

What a great letter to receive! We can’t wait to hear from Year 4 and find out what predictions and questions they have about the story, and we are so curious about what their favourite books are – watch this space to find out more!

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