Welcome to Adopt an Author 2022!

We are so excited to announce our participants for Adopt An Author 2022!  

Four Brighton & Hove Schools are each adopting a local author each for 8 weeks of correspondence.  

A class from each school will write to their adopted author and receive weekly replies, exciting tasks and insights into how their author works – its going to be so inspiring!

So without further ado, let’s welcome all of our authors and schools for Adopt An Author 2022….


Year 13s at BHASVIC will be adopting Bethan Roberts and reading her powerful novel  My Policeman, a poignant story of love and prejudice in 1950s Brighton, which is soon to be released as a major film. 

Griffin Gate

Year 4 at St John the Baptist Primary School  will be adopting award winning author Vashti Hardy and reading The Griffin Gate ,the first in a series of fantasy adventures involving a teleporting, crime fighting family !   

Bad nana

Year 3 pupils at St Nicolas School will be adopting the fabulous Sophy Henn and reading all about the antics of a very mischievous granny in Bad Nana, Older Not Wiser.

Genie & Teeny

And last but not least, Year 2 at Benfield Primary School will be adopting the multi-talented author-illustrator Steven Lenton and reading the first in his illustrated fiction series, Genie and Teeny Make a Wish  all about the adventures of lamp-less genie Grant, and his first friend, Teeny the puppy.

Over the next 8 weeks pupils will be corresponding with their adopted authors so stay tuned for weekly updates – the classes involved never fail to surprise us with their intriguing and insightful ideas and questions and we can’t wait to see what they come up with this year!  

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