Vashti’s Mission for Carden Primary!

Last week Vashti Hardy sent Carden students her Mission Pack – it’s super-detailed and full of amazing resources and activities.  Here’s her opening greeting:

How are you all? I’m so excited that you have adopted me as your author! I’m also very happy to hear that you have joined the crew and are reading Brightstorm.

I hope you are all enjoying the adventure so far. I have a mission for you all to take part in over the coming weeks…

Your Adopt an Author Mission will be to create a new place for the Brightstorms and the crew to explore and begin creating your own adventure book! Arthur and Maudie Brightstorm live in a place called the Great Wide and there are lots of places still to explore and discover.

Your imagination is your superpower. I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Best wishes – invent the incredible and dream BIG!

The first part of the mission:

Decide on a quest and research possible dangers that your characters could get into.

The students’ responses were amazing – check out some examples with Vashti’s comments!

The blue koala and magical forest sound enchanting. I wonder how they will get past the glittery dragon trying to blind them?!
You’ve chosen three great natural disasters which will be exciting for the adventure – well done! I wonder if there will be any interesting creatures along the way and what the goal might be?
I love the addition of zombies to the world! Are they scary (or friendly?) and I wonder where they live? Exciting and lots of danger!

And here’s Vashti’s message to the class about Part 1 of the mission:

I was so excited to see what you all got up to on your first mission! You’ve all had some amazing ideas which will make for some hugely thrilling adventure quests: dragons, natural hazards, fearsome baddies… you’ve got all the right ingredients! There are some great ‘ticking bombs’ in the ideas too – this is when the characters must complete the task before disaster strikes or before someone else gets their first. You may like to think about if you could include that in your story adventure if you haven’t.

This is such a brilliant start to creating your story worlds. Well done all of you! You’ve all got fabulous imaginations.

I can’t wait to see what you do next. Onwards to Mission 2!

We can’t wait to see what Mission 2 brings either!  Until next time…

AAA team x

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