Beetle Bard’s!

The Stanford Beetle Brigade have been busy! Let’s have a look at what they’ve been up to…

Dear Stanford Beetle Brigade,

Now it is time for you to get thinking about TASK THREE!

This is a wordy challenge. Using your research and beetle designs, I would like you to think up a poem or short story about your beetle. It can be funny, disgusting or dramatic. There is no right or wrong, although if you’re not having fun you should perhaps trying doing it a different way. I howl with laughter when I write the Pickering and Humphrey bits.

Good luck! And remember if you get stuff for inspiration look at your research and the wonderful facts you found out about beetles.

Wow! What amazing bunch of beetle bard’s the brigade are! Well done – some really fantastic poems – well researched, creative and fun!

Team AAA x


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