Interesting illustrations!

Back in the UK and Alex wasted no time in setting Gecko and Iguana an interesting illustration task!

Dear Gecko and Iguana!

I had a great time in Shanghai. It was very smoggy – and incredibly busy – but it’s always fun. I was running lots of school events based on Pigsticks and Harold. I learned that in the Chinese versions of the books the two characters are called Hololo and Harolo. Can you guess which name is for which character?
I thought this week we should do something concerning illustration.
When I plan out my books I make a blank dummy book out of folded A4 paper, with the same number of pages as one of the Pigsticks books. I then try and create a new story to fit the number of pages. Sometimes the pictures tell the story, sometimes the words, and sometimes they are both required to tell the full story. It’s not an exact science, but all four books do follow a very similar rhythm.
So here’s the challenge.
I’ve written the beginning of a brand new Pigsticks story for you to work with. What I would like you to do is try and illustrate this scene. The story is called Pigsticks and Harold and the Tuptown Sports Day. Perhaps you could read it in class, and then try and draw a picture that enhances the words. Maybe you could draw Harold exercising? Or Pigsticks looking determined to succeed? Or even both?
Make sure you colour it in. You could even pick a selection of the words I’ve written, and write them alongside your artwork to show what it is you’ve illustrated?
I can’t wait to see how you get along.
I hope the sun is shining with you,


And it’s very clear that the class completely get the importance of illustration and produced some amazing creations!

Dear Alex, Pigstsicks, and Harold,

The weather is amazing here and some of us even managed to complete our challenge outside in the sun! We’re glad you had such a fun time in Shanghai! We have put our heads together and think that Hololo is Pigsticks and Harolo is Harold – are we right?

Thank-you for our illustration task! We now know how important they are in a book as they really enhance the writing while making it exciting and fun!

We hope you love our creations as much as we loved making them!



We absolutely love them!

Until next time,
Team AAA x


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