Mile Oak’s Creative Characters!

Year 6 Mile Oak are a very inquisitive and a very talented bunch of adoptee’s! They are all really enjoying Wild boy and had some fantastic questions for Rob Lloyd Jones…..

Why did you chose to set it in the Victorian times? (Fahimur)

Because that’s when freak shows really did exist – they were banned in 1851, so I needed the story to happen before that date

Where did you get your character ideas from? (Julia)

Mostly history books! Wild Boy is based on several real life characters!

How did you come up with the idea of Wild Boy? (Alfie M and Charlie)
What is your inspiration for the book? (Daria and Fahim) 

I was inspired by history, my love of London and also my love of detective stories – especially Sherlock Holmes!

Why a hairy boy? (Donnie and Luke )
How did you get the idea of Wild Boy and his features? (Daniel) 

It’s a real disease called hypertrichosis – which many freak show performers did actually have. It seemed right for the character.

Where did you get the name Wild Boy from? (Luca and Rachel ) 

I can’t remember – sometimes names just pop into your head! It seemed like a good one when I first thought of it, and it just stuck.

Why did you make Sir Oswald have no legs? I like that you did this because it is not cliche. (Leo) 

He’s a survivor of a famous battle called the Battle of Waterloo, and was hit by a cannon and lost his legs.

Very descriptive and interesting, suspense is displayed amazingly especially with the cloud, as it seems like a snake or creature going around the town. (Fahimur) 

Thank you! I’m glad you like it so far!

I like the way you used short sentences because it builds a lot of suspense and interest (Julia)

YES, well spotted! It’s good to mix sentence length – short and long, so they’re not all the same.

I like the description of the fog rolling into the city. (Leo) 

Thank you Leo!

I like the fact that Wild Boy can read people and say what happened in their life. (Daniel) 

Great! I hope you enjoy the rest of the story…

I am enjoying the book so far because it has kept me on edge and the suspense was really cold through: suspense, metaphors, gruesome descriptions, personification and short sentences. (Kai)

That’s great Kai, thank you. It was important to work on this details very hard to get them right.

I think the book is fantastic and it is so mysterious e.g the workhouse mystery. Sofia 

Thanks Sofia!

I like how you made it sound creepy to build suspense. It’s an incredible book because it has so much description. (Harry) 

Thanks Harry!!

It is exciting and extremely enjoyable. I really like that Wild Boy and Oswald have a connection. I am very connected and pulled in by the book. (Seb) 

Thank you Seb! Hope you enjoy the rest of the story…

I like the way you used short sentences and personification. I like how you slowly started to describe Wild Boy. (Maia) 

Yes, thanks Maia – I needed to introduce him slowly to the readers, so it’s not too much in one go.

You created amazing suspense and excitement by putting short sentences, alliteration, description and personification. I loved every single bit right down to the letter because of how you build up the descriptions. (Fahim) 

Thanks Fahim! Really hope you enjoy the rest of the story!


Last week Rob asked the class to create their very own characters…
These characters are amazing – love the drawings too! We could imagine all of them appearing in published books! Fantastic work Year 6 Mile Oak!
Team AAA

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