Mile Oak, Year 6 already have their heads firmly stuck in Rob Lloyd Jones’ brilliant book Wild Boy!
Rob kicked off by asking the class ‘what is your favourite story and why’ –  we’re intrigued! Let’s have a little look……

‘What is my favourite story and why’

I really enjoyed reading your answers, and especially how many of you told me not just about the lot of your favourite stories, but also how your favourite stories make you feel.  You were excited, intrigued, thrilled – which are all big emotions!

Good stories are full of different feelings – anger, excitement, sadness, happiness, relief and lots more. Authors use those feelings to draw the readers into the story, and make have empathy for the main characters.  Once a reader feels for the characters, they want to follow them through all their adventures and will be totally gripped by the story.

A lot of you also talked about your favourite character in those stories, which is great! Character is SO important – as we’ll learn from the next exercise.

Several of you talked about CHARACTERS in your replies – which was really great! Kai, Julia, Harry, Rachel and Mia – as well as whoever wrote about Midnight Gang (sorry your name wasn’t on the reply)  – your answers were especially great, because you spoke about characters. Usually you like a story because you like the characters, or hate the characters – or find them funny. Characters are KEY to story telling.

So I thought I’d give you another little task.  Now that you know how books can make you feel, and how authors use feelings to make you like their characters, I want to think a bit more about the actual characters.  So think of your favourite character in any story – and describe that character in one or two sentences. You can write what they look like, but it’s more important to describe what sort of person they are. It doesn’t have to be the hero in a story – it could be a villain, or just a small character in a book that you particularly remember.

Thanks! Rob

Check in next week to see which characters Year 6 go crazy for!
Team AAA

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