Goldstone’s Great Cover Art!

Last week Goldstone’s adopted author Guy Bass received a lovely email from Faiza sharing what she thought of his book Stitch Head and some of their brilliant book covers below!


Hi Guy,

My name is Faiza. We have read up to chapter 8 in your book and the whole of Year 3,including me, LOVE IT! We have all finished drawing and colouring our covers so we are sending a few of them to you to see what you think about them.

My favourite part of the story so far is when Fulbert Freakfinder came back into the story. I like how you get to the point of the story at the right time.

I also find it really funny how the creature talks and his character. I wonder if Professor Erasmus will remember Stitch Head at a point of the story and be best friends with him again…

We hope you have a nice weekend,

From me, Year 3 and

Claire Winter

Year 3 teacher and Year Group Leader



So many fantastic Stitch Head book covers! Team AAA think there’s a few budding book designers amongst Year 3! Here are Guy’s thoughts…

Hi Faiza (and all the creations of Year 3),

Hope you’re had a cracking weekend, and this week is turning out to be the best ever.
So, I LOVE your covers. They’re fantastic! Lots of variety in composition and colouring, and it was great to see some of the other characters (as well as a few new ones) thrown in there. I love the fact that Creature, Arabella and Fulbert Freakfinder make a few appearances, and all the new monsters are fabulously foul.
One cover in particular impressed me though. After the first Stitch Head book came out, I talked to the publishers about subsequent covers might look, and one idea I had was an extreme close-up of Stitch Head’s face, blending into shadow. Basically it looked exactly like this in my head:

Inline image 1

So well done to whoever read my mind….! Nice one.
Oh and to add to the excitement, and the Stitch Head illustrator, Pete Williamson popped over today, so I showed him your work – he was very impressed! He especially loved the blood dripping eyeballs and the hanging spiders, so well done to whoever did those.
Well done everyone!

Team AAA x


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