Post Easter Challenges

We’re back after a jolly good Easter and Rob Lloyd Jones has got back to Bevendean after taking up a new hobby…


Hello all,

I hope you all had fun Easter breaks, and didn’t eat toooo much chocolate!

I was busy working on my new book, about treasure hunters searching for a secret tomb in Egypt. I even bought a metal detector, to practice hunting for treasure.

I really enjoyed reading your character descriptions. It was great that you didn’t just write down what characters look like – which isn;t the most important thing at all. What matters, remember, is how they act and what they do. So your descriptions called them shy, shady, lazy, copy – which are all great ways to describe a character and how they act (or don’t act, if they are lazy).

So when you tell a story about someone, try to think what that person would do – not what they look like. A character’s actions make the story happen – if a bad person does something bad, or a good person does something good – those actions have consequences, which cause a story to start happening.

It sounds to me as if you would like to write more about these characters you created – so let’s do that next. Now that you have thought up your characters, lets do something with them.  Most stories begin with a character living their normal life (some people call this the ‘status quo’). That normal life doesn’t have to be a USUAL life to you and me – but just one that for them in their world is normal.  So Wild Boy’s normal life at the start is to live on a freak show and fight with Augustus Finch and spy on people using his detective skills.

Then SOMETHING HAPPENS to thrusts the character from their normal life and into an adventure. In Wild Boy that SOMETHING is when he defends Sir Oswald and so he has to run away. So then he has to steal money to survive, which ends up with him stealing the mysterious letter – and after that the story takes off.

I would like you to think of your character’s normal life that you have all described, and then think what THING could happen to them that would thrust them into a story, and maybe a little more in a paragraph about what that story might be.

Good luck with the challenge – looking forward to reading the results!

All the best, Rob


We can’t wait to hear the results either Bevendean! Now get jotting!

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