New Adventures

Luke, Loen and Tony from Queen’s Park have written to their author, Alex Milway, for some advice on drawing…

Hello Alex,

Your books are amazing. We are all liking the book so far. Please can you  send us some pictures about how to draw Pigsticks. We decided if we wanted to be Pigsticks or Harold and most of us want to be Harold.

We designed places for Harold and Pigsticks to go on their adventures, we had lots of ideas like a dessert island, jungles, space, visiting the Queen and going to the evil Egyptian pyramids. Some of us did tropical islands and thought of how the story might go. Some of us have finished but some of us would like to do some writing about our pictures.

This week we are doing homework to design the front cover for our Adopt-an- Author books. What would you do if you designed your front cover?

Harold’s funny face made us laugh and we thought it was a great picture covering up the whole book pages.

Why do Pigsticks and Harold go on adventures and do they want to travel to the end of the world?

From Luke, Loen and Tony.

Alex Milway replied pretty sharpish and with a new task!

Hello Everyone!

I hope you’re well. I’ve just returned from China, where it is now the year of the goat. Pigsticks and Harold came with me, and they aren’t overly keen on goats, so that wasn’t ideal!
However, it was a wonderful trip, even with the goats everywhere.
To answer your questions, it’s usually Pigsticks who wants to travel to places. He loves trying new things and achieving greatness! Also, as far as covers go, I’m always making them. I’ve attached a work in progress for book three for you to see!
PIG cover 3
Today, I want you to imagine you’re writing a page of a Pigsticks and Harold adventure. I’ve attached not only a “How to draw Pigsticks sheet” but you’ll find a sample page, with a frame at the top.
Once you’ve mastered drawing the pig, I’d like you to have a go at creating a page from a Pigsticks and Harold book.  Draw a scene in that frame, and below it in the space write a bit of the story. This can be a story of your own making!
For example, you could draw Pigsticks and Harold having tea. And then you could write their discussion:
“This is wonderful cake, Harold,” said Pigsticks.
“Battenburg is the best,” said Harold.
“Oh I’m not so sure,” said Pigsticks. “This Fruitcake is quite delightful! I think it’s better.”
Harold was unconvinced.
Something like that!
I hope you have fun doing your page of the book! Speak soon,

 How to draw Pigsticksp&H page frame


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