Questions, questions, so many lovely questions!

Mile Oak Primary have been a busy bunch! As soon as they got their books (see below) their mind began racing around, thinking up lots of questions to ask their author Marcia Williams…

Class 6L

Dear Everyone,

Wow! What a lot you have managed to achieve on your first day.  I am SO impressed.  I already feel that we are getting to know each other and that you are all enjoying reading about Archie, which is just great.

Thank you for your questions and the posters, they are going to be just brilliant!   Maybe, when we have some finished ones I could put them up on my website.  What do you think?

Now to answer your questions.  You may want to add some of your questions and the answers to your posters. They are really such thoughtful questions.

About ‘Archie’s War’

Q: How did you gather all your information for the book? (Jacob)

A:  It took me a while to gather all the information for the book.  I did a lot of research in the Imperial War Museum library, I also interviewed friends and family.  I didn’t meet anyone who had been alive then, but stories get handed down through families and friends and these are what people shared with me. The War Museum also has letters and diaries from WW1.

Q: Did you have any relatives in the war? (Jacob)

A: I did have relatives in the war.  The photograph of Archie on the cover is really my Great Uncle Jack, dressed in his dad’s uniform.

Q: Where does the inspiration of the characters come from? (Owen)

A: The inspiration for the characters mostly come from my head, although Uncle Colin is based on a lovely uncle I had called Peter.  He lived in the country and knew the name of every wildflower and bird. Grandma Albright is based on a nanny I had who used to wash my mouth out with soap and whack me with the back of the hairbrush….ouch!

Q: Did Archie Albright really exist? (Abir)

A: Archie Albright didn’t really exist, but in my head he did.  My family all believed in him and when we sat down to a meal together we would talk about him and his family as though they were real.  We were all scared of Grandma Albright though!  When I stopped writing about them, I really missed them all.

Goodbye for now, Marcia.

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