The parties begin today! #adoptanauthor

Today Rudyard Kipling School’s Year 4 classes will meet Nicola Davies for the first time, having emailed her for the last 2 months while reading ‘Manatee Baby’. Here’s a peek at their latest email to her…


Wow, firstly we would like to thank you for tweeting our posters! We cannot believe you have posted our posters to Columbia, what an honour for the people who work the river to see our posters!
​We have finished reading manatee baby and it was brilliant! Our favourite part was when Manuela rescued the adorable manatee baby! The people who are writing this are Hallie, Kane and Raph.

We are looking forward to reading the Lion who stole my arm, because the front cover has drawn us in, also after reading the blurb we are very excited!

We cant wait to see you in person on the 22nd of May! We will be getting the bus over to you and we are so excited.

We have been doing some sketches of Manatees in our Art lessons. Would you like to see them?

Our new literacy topic focuses on Stories from other cultures, traditional ones which have been handed down by village elders all by voice never written down. Do you know any you could send us? Maybe you found some on your travels?

Could you give us some advice when writing stories from other cultures, Manatee baby is helping us as this was set in the Amazon!

Year 4


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