Top writing tips from Nicola Davies!

Hi Nicola,

We have learnt quite a lot about Manatees now and we have finished Manatee Baby, your book! We can’t wait to read another one of your books,and to learn loads about an animal from your books. Lots of people have voted for The Lion who Stole my Arm for the next book that you have written. Manatee baby was an awesome book to read and really pulled me in to read more because of our suspense and all the detail you put in your book! We had a few questions to ask you…

1. How can we improve our writing?

OK here are some top tips!
* Keep a writers notebook, small enough to slip in a bag or a pocket and keep it with you ALLLLLL the time. That way if you get any god ideas you ahve a place to keep them and won’t forget them. Write in it interesting things you see, bits of conversation…you can even draw in it if you want. Also, when you read something you really like, re read it…work out why you like it and what makes it good and make a note of that in your notebook too.
*Read your words aloud and think about the effect they have. Words work by making pictures in people’s heads and by evoking emotions. Make sure that your words are making pictures and emotions that are right for what you are trying to say and the tory you are telling. For example there are lots of ways to describe the colour red – red as anger, red as a sunset, red as blood, red as a rose….if you were describing a cute toddlers first pair of dinky red shoes which red would you use?
* Keep it simple. Always better to tell you readers one thing they’ll remember than ten things they’ll forget.
*Look, listen and think. Pay really close attention to the world around you…what can you see, and hear and smell and touch? Why do things look and sound and smell the way they do?  Practice describing those sensations in different ways, then you’ll have a whole lot of building blocks ready to use. AND then try to imagine you would describe the same things if you were a totally different person!
*be brave and bold…experiment and try things out. Remember nobody ever got to really good without going via really rubbish! You won’t find new ways of saying things without experiments that didn’t work out!
2. How many Manatees do you know in captivity?

Well there are lots in captivity for all the reasons you know about now having read manatee baby. But I havent met them in person!

3.How many adventures have you been on?

Not enough! But I’ll tell you about some of my favourites when we meet on May 8th.

4. Have you found the Caucasion Leopard yet?

Not yet…off to look on May 16th…though its very unlikely that I’ll see one but take a look at this!

From Leo and Aaron
(and the rest of Year 4)


Lovely to hear from you
Best wishes


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