Creating comics at Bevendean Primary

Good morning Team!
I’m currently sunning myself from the top of Mount Everest, after having high tea with Saar. Tea is rather peculiar out here, and not only includes tea leaves, but also Yak butter and salt. An acquired taste…
Now then, back to more important matters!
This week’s challenge is to take all that you’ve created and turn it into a short comic, much like the ones you’ll have seen in The Magma Conspiracy. I’ve attached sample comic sheets to give you a head start on layouts, so using the story ideas you worked up last week, think of something really visually exciting to draw and turn into a comic strip! Make it as long as you like, but it may be best to focus on a small element of your story – much like I’ve done at the start of each chapter in the books. For example, you might just what to draw the initial attack on an enemy’s secret hideout. Or you may want to draw the moment one of your characters eats a worm burger – you get the idea! Doing a long comic can get quickly overwhelming, as you have to think of words, pictures, and how you’re going to fit it all into the panels. So always think simple: “What’s the easiest way I can draw this scene?”
Try and add in jokes, if you can. Most importantly, though, have fun!
I can’t wait to see what you come up with.
Over and Out!
Captain Ponkerton
(Also known as Alex Milway)
Setting1 Setting2 Setting3

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