Captain Ponkerton’s ‘How to make a Baddie’

Here’s Alex Milway’s latest email to Bevendean Primary’s Year 6 classes who he has set the challenge of designing their own baddies. Below his email is a brilliant selection of their imaginative responses!

Hello Team!
Excellent work on your Mythical 10th Divisions! The pictures and descriptions are brilliant – and they’re really shaping up into something special.
And now, you have a team and a badge, and your main characters, but there’s still one thing missing – a baddie. So for this week’s challenge, I want you to create the biggest meanest baddie you can, someone who your team will have to save the world against. There’s a lot to think about when creating the baddie in a book. First, they need a reason for being bad. What are they up to that threatens the world? 
Second, your baddie needs a super brilliant name. Sometimes alliteration helps to make them sound awesome. Give your baddie’s name two words that start with the same letter. Some examples: Dick Dastardly, Veronica Venom, Severus Snape. You get the idea! 
And third, your baddie needs a cool look. I’ve attached one of my first drawings of Balaclava, to show you how he started out. He didn’t change much – but key to it was that he was wearing a balaclava hood. Think about items of clothing that either look great, or carry some sort of history. Bank robbers or burglars often wear balaclavas, so you automatically associate the clothing with bad people. 
So, does your baddie wear an evil mask? Are they aliens with eighty eyeballs? Do they have cannons for arms? All these things make a baddie more exciting, and help them make a really great first impression. When your reader first meets a baddie, after all, you want them to be really memorable.
Lots to think about here, then Team. I can’t wait to see what you come up with! 
Over and Out!
Captain Ponkerton
bad10 bad9 bad8 bad7 bad6 bad5 bad4 bad3 bad2 bad1

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