Somerhill’s favourite characters

Somerhill Juniors’ book group have been paired up with author Rob Lloyd-Jones to read his victorian tale ‘Wild Boy’. Here is his first challenge for them as writers. The fantastic response below is by Rudy (click the image to enlarge).

First off, can I just say how thrilled I am to be your ‘adopted author’, and how much I’m looking forward to chatting with you, answering questions about writing and Wild Boy, as well as suggesting some writing challenges that you could try to develop your own story-telling skills.

What is your favourite story, and why do you love it so much? A writer’s job is to think about how people feel, and to describe those feelings – so I’d like you to really think hard about how that favourite story makes you feel, and why you couldn’t stop reading it, and then try to describe those feelings as best as you can.


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